Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cocoa Schools as The Solution of Poverty and Future Investment in Luwu Utara

Poverty still become an anomaly in Indonesia which has wealth of natural resources. This happen in Luwu Utara (Lutra), Sulawesi Selatan. The number of poor in Lutra reach 16,3% of total population (BPS, 2011). It make Lutra become the fourth highest poverty rate in Sulawesi Selatan.

Otherwise, the potential of cocoa in Lutra is one of the largest suppliers of cocoa in Indonesia which is the second largest cocoa producer in the world. Cocoa production of Lutra reached 33900 tons and used about 10% land in Lutra (BPS, 2010).

This anomaly happen because quality restrictiveness of human resources. Most of cocoa management is still limited in upstream industry. All Indonesia’s cocoa production targeted export markets (80% seeds and 20% half-finished-Disperindag, 2010).

In Regional Planning of Lutra until 2015, the poverty rate will be reduced 15 percent. Optimalization of cocoa potential is answer to achieve that planning.

Based on method of analysis descrptive,  establishment of Cocoa Schools in Lutra is best optimalization. This concept have been applied in Ciwidey, Bandung, Jawa Barat in Islamic School of Agribusiness Al Ittifaq.

9,4% of population in Lutra don’t attend school (BPS, 2010). Poverty is the reason. But they also can be solution for poverty. They can be schooled in cocoa schools. They don’t need to pay school fees. They just need to come and learn about entrepreneurship ; the cocoa management from upstream to downstream industry.In future, this schools can be solution of poverty and Future Investment in Lutra.

Keywords : Cocoa, Poverty, Lutra, Schools

This abstract is submitted in Konferensi Internasional Pelajar Indonesia (KIPI) 2012, Brisbane

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