Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Roads to Castle


Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle – George R Martin. Game OfThrone

Recently, I really enjoyed watching the TV Show Game of Throne (GOT). This show is another way to learn about my favorite subject, geopolitics.

Chris O'Regan, a user of Quora, a knowledge website,  said that GOT has drawn inspiration from actual historical  events. The biggest similarity is that the story resembles events that occurred during medieval times in England particularly the Wars of the Roses. There are two houses in GOT, Stark and Lannister. Stark sounds like York and Lannister sounds like Lancaster.

Watching GOT also reminds me of my undergraduate thesis in 2012. I wrote about political contestation between student groups in my university, from a geopolitical point of view. Some people said it was an unusual topic. But in 2014, it was published as a book titled ‘Geopolitik Islam Kampus’ (Islam Geopolitics in University) and until now I still get orders for it . I had also essays published in other anthologies.