Sunday, January 26, 2014


Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada

New year, everyone all over the world, celebrated many things wiht any ways. Firework, music concert, indoor party, religion things, and other shows.
But there is a few things that often forget to be celebrated, to be improved. Most of the common celebration are just symbolic .
Less people who muse about theirself, their group, and their entity in celebration. In term of entity, there is an entity which has very big potential in many sectors. This entity made some other countries attracted from couple hundred years ago. They are Indonesia, which made Portugal, British, Dutch, and Japan came to colonize.
Indonesia has a lot of term for their country ; agriculture, multicultural, archipelago, and maritime. The last term is a classic term which is so weak in its maintenance and empowerment. Not many people who really care or aware with this term : maritime.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

All My Relation

Kids Tour in GHC

Glooscape Heritage Centre (GHC), - which is also called Mikmaq Museum – is one of best native museum in Maritime Canada. They are located in Truro, Nova Scotia. I was volunteering overthere during 3 months in Youth Leaders in Action Programme with Canada World Youth in partnership with Kemenpora RI (Ministry of Youth and Sport – Indonesia).

GHC look like really try to perceive what is real meaning of museum. Muse, in English means 'contemplate'. Then, museum could means a place contemplate the history. Learning, more than just receiving, but also thinking; muses about its value. GHC did this role pretty good.