Monday, October 3, 2016

Investment planning for energy-agriculture nexus

15th WREC (World Renewable Energy Congress) took place at the Jakarta International Convention Center in Indonesia on 19-23 September alongside the Indonesia Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Summit 2016. It was attended by 457 participants, comprising Indonesians and foreigners from 68 countries. As many as 122 scientific papers on renewable energy are presented at the congress. Some of them are discussing energy-agriculture nexus through bioenergy, geothermal and solar. Participants from Indonesia gained knowledge and network about business, policy and technological developments in the energy-agriculture sector, from from overseas businessmen and experts in the congress.

Renewable energy interventions in an agriculture-food enterprise include the introduction of renewable energy technologies or of energy efficiency measures, which can result in improvement in energy intensity. Each step of agriculture value chain presents different challenges to ensure that the relevant energy services are provided efficiently, cost effectively and minimizing the reliance on the fossil fuel market. Applying the value chain approach, it becomes evident how the value of food products tend to increase as more processing occurs and more inputs (energy, water, packaging materials) are consumed. The energy interventions considered span from solar-power irrigation systems to cooling and cold storage facilities, and from the use of residues for energy production to geothermal energy for food processing. These concepts were explored in the WREC.