Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canada World(ing) Youth


There are many youth organizations in worldwide. They have different style to express their idea. One of them whose good track record is Canada World Youth (CWY).

Canada World Youth (CWY) is founded in 1971 by Jacques Hébert. A writer, editor, politician, and tireless globetrotter who travelled to more than 130 countries around the world, Jacques Hébert was inspired by a deep commitment to young people and a desire to bring cultures closer together. In 1972- 1973, The first groups of young Canadians are sent to Cameroon, Malaysia, Mexico, Tunisia, and the former Yugoslavia. More than ten years after its creation, CWY is running educational programs between Canada and more than twenty-five countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

CWY has got some achievements. 1,000,000 hours that CWY volunteers dedicate to development and community projects every year. 36,000 youth who have lived the CWY experience since 1971. 11,000 families who have opened their homes to CWY volunteers over the years. 7,408 people who directly benefited from the health and environment development projects put in place through CWY’s Youth Leaders in Action program in 2011-12. 1,116 youth who volunteered their time and energy through CWY programs and made a difference in 2011-12.
211 Aboriginal youth from across Canada who took part in a CWY leadership program in 2011-12. 96 % of youth who completed their program in 2011-12. 80 % of CWY’s international partners who reported an increase in their capacity to deliver sustainable health and environmental projects. 68 partner countries with which CWY has run programs since 1971. 24 youth initiatives that benefit from funding and mentorship from CWY and its programs. 10 income-generating youth initiatives resulting in the direct employment of 50 youth.

Kléver S. Alban Flores, Executive Chairman of FRI from Ecuador said, “There are a few organizations around the world working seriously with youth in the ‘construction’ of social capital. CWY has done it, continues to do it and has created an example in society – social capital as a tool to build peace around the world.” This statement is affirmed by Lori Tagoona, Alumnus from Ukraine in British Columbia, “My CWY program was only 6 months long, but so many life experiences were compacted into this tiny 6 months. Sometimes it takes people a lifetime to learn those skills, but I guess what I gained from my experience are things that I continue to use every day, and will continue to use for the rest of my life.”
All achievement above was achieved in relationship with many countiries worldwide. Some of them are developing countries. For example ; Indonesia – a country which need 25 hours of flight from Canada. CWY in partnership with Ministry of Youth Empowerment Indonesia, made exchange programme ; Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Programme (ICYEP). It was started from 1978 and has created so many great people for Indonesia and also Canada.

ICYEP is one of program from CWY which they called The Youth Leaders in Action. This program is a unique 6-month program for youth between the ages of 17 to 25. This reciprocal program is divided into 2 phases of 2-3 months, one in Canada and one overseas, where youth from Canada and the partner country take part in both of those phases. During the program, the youth volunteers contribute to community-driven development projects which focus on social empowerments, volunteer work placements, live in host families and take part in youth-led educational activities.

CWY has been ‘world-ing’ many youths worldwide. ‘World-ing’ means ; make they have global mindset ; believe that they can make a better world.

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