Monday, September 2, 2013

Evaluate Ourselves


We have to give our best contribution personally and also in teamwork. We fill the empty spaces in job description, work optimalization, and sharing information and knowledge. We should know and understand well about what is meaning of ‘responsibilty, and that is why we do our job. Each job is not only for our self, but it also give influence for others, it is connected each other ; human and also non human ; sustainable life.

Time management

We should have our daily schedule, detail to do list. Everyday we know about what should we do. We also have to know about japanese principle ; come in 5 minutes before in each event, and we like it so we always try to do it. Furthermore, it is also about three respect principle ; respect to time, respect to people, and respect to system. Respect to time, because the time will not be able to be paid and repeated. Respect to people, because everyone has their own schedule. If we are late, it means we disturb their schedule. Respect to system, because the system will bring you to regular life.


Communication, it is happened in two ways direction. It is important to everyone has clearly communication, without obstacles. In a group, we have a system in communication, chain of command and coordination line. If the system is not working well, so it is going to be miss communication and miss coordination. Good system is derived from good people inside it.

Make SWOT Analysis

For example :

Strength : A long life learning, visionary, critical thinking, responsible, smart worker

Weakness ; a little bit egoistic, perfectionist

Opportunity ; freedom life, free to choose

Threats ; nothing

Newer method in training

In most of developing countries, they often face problem in training method ; the students are not comfort with kind of old method which is used.

They want newer method in training. Lecturer have to know more about their student and treat them by their treatment.

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